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233 - Advancements in experiments on non-ideal compressible flows for ORC applications
234 - Overview of supercritical carbon dioxide based power cycles for stationary power generation

Session 1A - CO2 Power systems

124 - Selection maps for ORC and CO2 systems for low-medium temperature heat sources
165 - Fundamental thermo-economic approach to selecting sCO2 power cycles for CSP applications
198 - Comparison of micro gas turbine heat recovery systems using ORC and transcritical CO2 cycle focusing on off-design performance
33 - Experimental investigations on a CO2-BASED transcritical power cycle (CTPC) for waste heat recovery of diesel engine
5 - Experimental study of supercritical CO2 heat transfer in a thermo-electric energy storage based on rankine and heat-pump cycles
7 - The design of CO2-based working fluids for high-temperature heat source power cycles

Session 1B - Dynamic simulation

152 - The study of dynamic process of ORC variable conditions based on control characteristics analysis
178 - Dynamic analysis of off-grid ORC plants with various solution for the thermal storage
183 - Dynamic modeling and optimization of an ORC unit equipped with plate heat exchangers and turbomachines
188 - Design methodology for waste heat recovery systems in vehicles considering optimal control
23 - Model predictive control of an Organic Rankine Cycle system
71 - Dynamic modeling of an Organic Rankine Cycle to recover waste heat for transportation vehicles

Session 1C - Volumetric Expanders (1)

31 - Extrapolability and limitations of a semi-empirical model for characterizing volumetric expanders
34 - Experimental investigation on multi-vane expander operating conditions in domestic CHP ORC system
61 - Experimental investigation into an ORC-based low-grade energy recovery system equipped with sliding-vane expander using hot oil from an air compressor as thermal source
75 - Two-phase chamber modeling of a twin-screw expander for trilateral flash cycle applications
86 - Unsteady leakage flow through axial clearance of an ORC scroll expander
93 - Design and modelling of hybrid rSOFC-ORC system

Session 2A - System Optimization (1)

127 - Cryogenic ORC to enhance the efficiency of LNG regasification terminals
26 - Influence of the pinch-point-temperature difference on the performance of the “preheat-parallel” configuration for a low-temperature geothermally-fed CHP
50 - Iterative approach for the design of an Organic Rankine Cycle based on thermodynamic process simulations and a small-scale test rig
55 - A systematic methodology for the techno-economic optimization of Organic Rankine Cycles
83 - Neural networks for small scale ORC optimization

Session 2B - Small Scale Systems (1)

103 - Experimental investigation of four volumetric expanders
2 - Experimental investigation of a transcritical Organic Rankine Cycle with scroll expander for low temperature waste heat recovery
38 - Possibilities of Water-Lithium Bromide absorption power cycles for low temperature, low power and combined power and cooling systems
39 - Towards development of 1-10 kW PILOT ORC units operating with Hexamethyldisiloxane and using rotary vane expander
79 - Numerical CFD simulations on a small-scale ORC expander using a customized grid generation methodology

Session 2C - Working Fluid Selection

62 - Integrating working fluid design into the thermo-economic design of ORC processes using PC-SAFT
109 - Integrated computer-aided working-fluid design and thermoeconomic ORC system optimisation
111 - Prospects of the use of nanofluids as working fluids for Organic Rankine Cycle power systems
163 - Thermodynamic optimization of heat recovery ORCs for heavy duty internal combustion engine: Pure fluids vs. zeotropic mixtures
76 - Material compatibility of ORC working fluids with polymeres

Session 3A - Waste Heat Recovery (1)

28 - Techno-economic analysis of waste heat recovery from ORC with fluctuating industrial sources
69 - Performance evaluation of an ORC unit integrated to a waste heat recovery system in a steel mill
99 - Techno-Economic Analysis of ORC in Gas Compression Stations Taking Into Account Actual Operating Conditions

Session 3B - CFD

206 - Real gas expansion with dynamic mesh in common positive displacement machine
223 - Experimental assessment of the open-source SU2 CFD suite for ORC applications
90 - Towards the validation of a CFD solver for non-ideal compressible flows

Session 3C - Turbomachinery (1)

11 - Advanced materials for the impeller in an orc radial microturbine
27 - A revised TESLA turbine concept for ORC applications
29 - Comparison of steady and unsteady rans CFD simulation of a supersonic ORC turbine

Session 4A - System Optimization (2)

128 - Deterministic global optimization of the design of a geothermal Organic Rankine Cycle
138 - Thermoeconomic analysis of recuperative sub- and transcritical Organic Rankine Cycle systems
149 - Robust optimization of an Organic Rankine Cycle for heavy duty engine waste heat recovery
181 - The role of pinch analysis for industrial ORC integration
185 - High temperatur ORC systems

Session 4B - Waste Heat Recovery (2)

106 - Design and off-design analysis of an ORC coupled with a micro-gas turbine
161 - Off design study of gas pipelines recompression station
180 - Intermittent waste heat recovery: Investment profitability of ORC cogeneration for batch, gas-fired coffee roasting
203 - Control variables and strategies for the optimization of a WHR ORC system

Session 4C - Turbomachinery (2)

221 - Experimental observation of non-ideal expanding flows of Siloxane MDM vapor for ORC applications
42 - Numerical sensitivity analysis for supercritical CO2 radial turbine performance and flow field
80 - Design optimization of a small scale high expansion ratio organic vapour turbo expander for automotive application
87 - Fluid-dynamic design and characterization of a high-speed mini-ORC turbine for laboratory experiments

Session 5A - Biomass

110 - Dynamic simulations supporting the design process of a real combined heat and power application in Switzerland
114 - Simulation based performance evaluation of biomass fired cogeneration plant with ORC
171 - Combined cold, heat and power system, based on an Organic Rankine Cycle, using biomass as renewable heat source for energy saving and emissions reduction in a supermarket
30 - Experimental investigation of the domestic CHP ORC system in transient operating conditions

Session 5B - Solar Energy

132 - Small-scale CSP plant coupled with a ORC system for providing dispatchable power: the Ottana Solar Facility
160 - Thermodynamic comparison and dynamic simulation of direct and indirect solar Organic Rankine Cycle systems with PCM storage
170 - Solar/biomass hybrid cycles with thermal storage and bottoming ORC: System integration and economic analysis
48 - A retrofit for geothermal Organic Rankine Cycles based on concentrated solar thermal systems

Session 5C - Geothermal

192 - Field performance evaluation of an operating turbine in design and off-design conditions
193 - Cycle and turbine re-optimization on geothermal resources significantly deviating from the expected conditions
205 - Potential performance of environmental friendly application of ORC and Flash technology in geothermal power plants
96 - Working fluid parametric analysis for regenerative supercritical Organic Rankine Cycles for medium geothermal reservoir temperatures

Session 6A - Automotive

134 - Feasibility study of ice bottoming ORC with water/eg mixture as working fluid
140 - Performances of an ORC power unit for waste heat recovery on heavy duty engine
146 - Combination of ORC system and electrified auxiliaries on a long haul truck equiped with 48 volt board net
213 - Design, modelling, and contrl of a waste heat recovery unit for heavy-duty truck engines
54 - Cost to benefit ratio of an exhaust heat recovery system on a long haul truck
56 - Thermodynamic potential of Rankine and flash cycles for waste heat recovery in a heavy duty diesel engine

Session 6B - Heat Exchangers

148 - System cost and efficiency optimization by heat exchanger performance simulations
157 - A moving boundary modeling approach for heat exchangers with binary mixtures
218 - Application of the novel "emeritus" air cooled condenser in geothermal ORC
232 - Development of a direct concept helical-coil evaporator for an orc based micro-CHP system
35 - Response time characterization of Organic Rankine Cycle evaporators for dynamic regime analysis with fluctuating load
49 - Simultaneous experimental investigation of nucleate boiling heat transfer and power output in ORC using R245FA and R1233ZD(E)

Session 6C Turbomachinery (3)

129 - Large multistage axial turbines
195 - Performance assessment of a standard radial turbine as turbo expander for an adapted solar concentration ORC
222 - Non-ideal fish-tail shocks in ORC turbine cascades

Session 7A - Small Scale Systems (2)

112 - Experimental investigation of the operating point of a 1-kW ORC system
173 - Experimental performance of a micro-ORC energy system for low grade heat recovery
177 - A turbine based domestic micro ORC system
204 - Performance correlations for characterizing the optimal off-design operation of an ORC power system
219 - Evaluating the quality of steady-state multivariate experimental data in various ORC experimental setups
66 - Low temperature heat recovery in engine coolant for stationary and road transport applications

Session 7B - Miscellaneous

1 - Application of finite-time thermodynamics for evaluation method of heat engines
100 - Using the forward movement of a container ship navigating in the artic to air-cool a marine Organic Rankine Cycle unit
137 - Experimental performance evaluation of a multi-diaphragm pump of a micro-ORC system
141 - Pumped heat electricity storage: potential analysis and ORC requirements
212 - A non-condensing thermal compression power generation system

Session 7C - Volumetric Expanders (2)

126 - Employing a single-screw expander in an Organic Rankine cycle with liquid flooded expansion and internal regeneration
139 - Impact of major leakages on characteristics of a rotary vane expander for ORC
202 - An experimental and numerical analysis of the performances of a Wankel steam expander
208 - Experimental and numerical characterization of an oil-free scroll expander
209 - Computational models for the analysis of positive displacement machines: Real gas and dynamic mesh